Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring

Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System is accurately assesses people’s health, over time, in the environments where they live, work, and play so they can live more productive lives. Through its state-of-the-art medical monitoring equipment, technological support, and industry expertise, it provides individuals and the clinicians treating them easy-to-use, cost efficient remote monitoring solutions.

This HONEYWELL HOMMED remote Monitoring System, an FDA Class II, Hospital Grade, Medical Device, which allows early detection and intervention, thus reducing avoidable skilled nursing visits, hospital re-admissions, and unnecessary physician and emergency room visits. This Device is installed in patient’s home. It allows daily monitoring of patient’s Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight up to 500 pounds, and Oxygen saturation. The data is automatically transmitted to our agency. All abnormal values are identified and appropriate actions are taken. Monitor’s verbal and visual cues are available in 14 languages.

With This System, We are Now Able to:

  • Manage patients seven days per week in addition to scheduled visits.
  • Be more proactive in our care and make home visits based on patient need.
  • Track and trend patient data in the form of graphic and tabular reports for review and assessment.

What our agency was able to accomplish using the Honeywell HomMed

  • Enhance outcomes
  • Be preemptive and proactive in patient care
  • Decrease unnecessary emergent care episodes
  • Enforce patient education and self-management
  • Improve compliance and create long-term lifestyle changes
  • Provide our patients with higher quality of life

Key Features of the Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System

  • Programmed to automatically turn on, at a set time, every day (like an alarm clock).
  • Uses voice commands and visual cues to guide the patient through the vital signs collection process.
  • Fully integrated system with no plugging or unplugging of devices necessary.
  • Data is automatically transferred via wireless pager system or a regular phone line.
  • Additional peripheral devices can be attached for specific patient need.
  • Peripherals can all be attached during the initial set-up and used simultaneously.
  • Subjective Yes/No questions can be selected per patient need.
  • Multilingual capability for verbal and visual prompts.
    – English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, French, French Canadian, Hindi, Italian, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese.

Physician Benefits

  • Customizable to meet specific disease/chronic management needs
  • Complete, objective, clinical and subjective data is available upon request
  • Allows for pre-emptive care, supporting adjustments to treatment plan or medications
  • Reinforces patient education and compliance to treatment plan
  • Reduces ER visits and hospital re-admissions
  • Supports documentation of time spent on CPO

Patient and Family Benefits

  • Care provided based on daily assessment of clinical needs
  • Acts as an educational tool to reinforce medication use and diet restrictions
  • Tracks and reinforces compliance with treatment plan
  • Patient and caregiver participation produces better maintainable outcomes
  • Increases quality of life

Discharge Planner Benefits

  • Provides a solution for discharges that are fragile, non-compliant, or without a support system
  • Reduces repeat ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Helps to better manage length of stay
At XL Care Home Health Agency, daily home monitoring is part of our Standard of Care.
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