About Us

XL Care, Inc. home health agency, based in Encino, California, is a leading provider of home healthcare services in the Los Angeles community.

XL Care takes pride in being an early adopter of advanced technology solutions that improve the quality of it diversified skilled nursing, therapy and other services.

For instance, XL Care is one of the few home care agencies in the L.A. region that treats patients using the cutting-edge VitalStim® Therapy solution, the only dysphagia therapy system backed by compelling clinical data and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

Additionally, Since 2005 our technology department has implemented the Honeywell HomMed Health remote Monitoring System, an FDA Class II, Hospital Grade, Medical Device. This system is installed in patient’s home. It allows daily monitoring of patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, temperature when necessary, weight up to 500 pounds, and oxygen saturation. In addition, there are other medical peripheral devices available, such as glucose meter, peak flow meter/FEV1, spirometer, PT/INR device, ECG device. The data is automatically transmitted to our agency. All abnormal values are identified and appropriate actions are taken. Monitor’s verbal and visual cues are available in 14 languages.

There is a DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF CARE XL Care agency provides: It manages patients seven days a week, 24 hours, reduces ER admissions and hospitalizations. provides objective patient data, delivers proactive and preemptive care, provides skilled care and instructions to patients and their families, enable the patient and family to function independently at home, increasing the comfort of the patient and improving overall health.

In addition, XL Care implemented SOS software, which significantly reduced XL Care reliance on paper-based processes, allowed to eliminate 90% of paperwork from its operations, promoted the flow and integrity of patient information within the system, SOS is a partner of Honeywell HomMed and can integrate with telemonitoring system, which is also a big plus. The company’s innovative solutions to fast-changing healthcare regulatory environment empower referring sources, employees and contractors to continue the business relationship with a company, as evidenced by low turnover rates and the same management team for over 9 years. The result is improved business performance and patient outcomes.

In 2008 the National Association for Home Care, Briggs Corporation and Fazzi Associates provided a national project to identify best practices for reducing hospitalization, analyzing the hospitalization rates of over 7,500 Medicare certified agencies in the United States. XL Care, Inc was found to be in the top 8% of all agencies in the country.

The Home Health Compare (www.Medicare.gov) results clearly demonstrate that XL Care uses best practices when caring for its patients and its patients improve in all important areas of care. XL Care scored higher then State and/or Nation in each Quality Measures. In fact, OCS, the market leader in healthcare information solutions, nominated XL Care, Inc as one of the top Home Healthcare agencies in the United States and awarded XL Care with Award of Excellence and title of HomeCare Elite Agency, based on three domains of performance using publicly available data from Home Health Compare and the CMS Cost Reports in 2007 and 2012 Patient’s satisfaction survey independently conducted by Medicare-approved entity demonstrates that XL Care patients consistently value XL Care’s overall performance significantly better than the national norm.

XL Care re-hospitalization rate is 17% today, compared to 24% State and 27% Nation. This statistics is impressive, considering that XL Care’s patients’ average age is 8.27 years older than referenced National age (Agency Patient-related characteristics Report 09/2011 – 11/2011). The majority of the XL Care patients came from short-stay acute hospital with multiple co-morbidities, including cardiac/peripheral vascular diseases, pulmonary, diabetes mellitus, orthopedic, neurologic, open wounds/lesions, gastrointestinal disorder, contagious/communicable, IV/infusion therapy, enteral/parenteral nutrition, Oxygen therapy, urinary incontinence, intractable pain, impaired decision-making and/or memory loss, at high risk for hospitalization and history of re-hospitalization, polypharmacy, history of falls, frailty factors, requiring moderate-to-maximum assistance with all activities of daily living.