Frequently Asked Questions

Who will need health care?

Those needing short-term assistance after being discharged from the hospital, skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center.

  • Chronically ill, terminally ill or permanently disabled who wants to remain at home.
  • Those who are ill or disabled, needing assistance in their home.
  • Those who need short term relief for family members caring for a parent who is ill.
What services will I get within the program?

Any services and visits that you receive will depend on the home health assessment given by our staff and your doctor. There will be a personalized plan of treatment that will be established to meet your needs. This personalized plan will help determine the different services you will need and the duration of home visits.

When and how can I receive services?

If you have private medical health insurance, we will verify your home health care eligibility directly from your insurance. Upon receipt of any assignment of benefits, we will bill your insurance directly. We will let you know if you have any deductibles or co-payments for the services before we start the care..

MediCare / MediCaid?

If you are eligible for home health care coverage through MediCare or MediCaid, our office will bill them directly.

Direct Payment?

If you are paying cash or check, we will provide you with a Payment Request Assignment of Benefits statement that clearly identifies visits and hours spent by that clearly identifies visits and hours spent by our home health care professionals. You pay only what is on your statement. We pay all the taxes and insurance for our employees.

  • We will verify and confirm your method of payment.
  • Upon acceptance of the doctor’s request we will look for the appropriate staff that can meet your needs. Within two days we will do the home health care assessment upon acceptance of the request of the doctor. Same day visit is also available.
  • Once we have confirmed appropriate staffing, the assigned staff will call you to arrange a convenient schedule for you.
  • On the day of your home health assessment, the home health care professional will advise you if you are qualified for home health care. The assessment will be communicated to the doctor and to the company.
Who can I address my questions to?

Please call 1-888-952-2738 (XL-CARE-8) for your questions, concerns, issues or complaints. You can speak with the patient case manager assigned to your case. The Director of Nursing or the Clinical Supervisors are also available to address any other questions or concerns.

Will my health information be disclosed to anyone?

All of your information remains confidential with the agency. The agency will not release any information unless authorized by you or your legal guardian/representative.

What criteria do I need to meet to qualify for home care services?

In addition to having a physician’s referral, you need to have a safe home environment to provide care in, and be a willing patient. Medicare patients must also be housebound, meaning that it requires considerable and taxing effort to leave home.

How often will a nurse come to visit me?

XL Care Home Health staff will work closely with your physician to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. And it may not always be a nurse who comes to help you.

Who other than a nurse might come to my home?

In addition to skilled nursing care, XL Care Home Health offers the following services:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy for rehabilitation programs.
  • Certified nursing aides for help with personal care like bathing and meal preparation.
  • Social workers to help you find community resources for additional help
Will insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

In most cases yes. XL Care Home Health accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, BlueShiled, and many private insurances. Our health benefit advisers will help you determine if your insurance will pay for the cost of care.